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One of the wonderful things about a hemp tee is that as it ages, and the more you gently wash it, the softer the feel becomes. Another wonderful attribute is that hemp fabric is naturally hypo-allergenic and non-irritating to the skin. Our organic cotton tees couple the best features of cotton—it’s intrinsic softness and durability—with a certified assurance that growers are not compromising the environment by using toxic or persistent agrochemicals. NJoyers who choose our hemp/cotton blends will experience some of the best of both fabrics. The bottom line is: You can feel as good about wearing our tees as our tees feel good on you!

100 percent 420

Our 100% 420 tees are pure industrial hemp. (“Industrial” means don’t bother to smoke it.)  Read more

100% HEMP

420 blend

Hemp blends well with many other fabrics, and hemp blends have become popular…  Read more

55/45 BLEND

100% organic cotton

For a number of reasons, cotton has for many years been the fabric of choice for apparel-makers.  Read more

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Hemp fibers are strong, durable and mildew resistant. Hemp fabric breathes well, absorbs moisture, and is UV-resistant. Recent medical research has confirmed that hemp also has natural antimicrobial properties. And like your favorite old flannel shirt, time will only enhance the plush feel of your hemp tee. As many have observed, hemps wears in, not out.

due to the artificially high cost of industrial hemp. (Let’s go Congress: bring our laws up-to-date! Hemp was an important crop in the U.S. beginning with the colonial period up through WWII, and it should be again.) NJoy’s blended tees are 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, a ratio that we believe best combines hemp’s natural attributes with the smoother feel and immediate wearability of cotton.

But mass growing of cotton has come to rely on extensive use of man-made irrigation and the application of pesticides and fertilizers, which we believe are unsustainable and environmentally unsound practices. Organically grown cotton eliminates the synthetic—and often toxic—agrochemicals. Organic cotton growers also do not use genetically engineered strains. Instead, they rely on traditional farming practices that maintain biodiversity and natural ecosystems, protect groundwater, and result in soils with higher organic matter and thicker topsoil depth, which helps reduce soil erosion. NJoy uses only third-party certified organic cotton in our soft, comfortable tees.