Smile your way through today! Every day!

NJoy wants you to wear a smile. You might say we are serious about smiling. Why? Because we believe a smile abounds with infinite potential. And as others have observed, a smile has the power to break the ice and warm the heart. A smile is a shortcut to beauty. A smile is a path to peace. Smiling leads to dancing and singing. A smile begins and nurtures friendships. A smile fosters faith, revives hope, and bestows charity. A smile is laughter’s trusted ambassador. A smile can always be shared.  Read more

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For the practical among us, a smile is an investment worth more than face value. Indeed, a smile is its own reward. A smile is good exercise. A smile allows your eyes to sparkle. A smile lets your teeth enjoy the sunlight. A smile tickles your brain. A smile makes you look—and feel—younger. A smile is the best curve to throw in the direction of a grouch. A smile makes an ideal gift for most occasions, and is the perfect way to begin a reply to almost anything. But beware of imitations! Outfit yourself only with NJoy’s genuine smiles. Don’t don the smile of a Cheshire cat or wear a hand-in-the-cookie-jar grin. No smirks. No simpers. No crocodile smiles. Be true to your smile!